The Dungbeetle

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The DUNGBEETLE is the King of horse manure scoops.  Lightweight, yet incredibly strong,  It’s clever design is  adept at picking up poo in stables, the arena or field and great for keeping handy in your trailer. Say goodbye to frustrations with flimsy metal scrapers, shovels that snap, awkward forks that can’t carry much poo. Or even worse, resorting to getting your gloves on and picking up by hand!   The DUNGBEETLE does the work of a whole army of shovels, rakes & forks, (and looks WAY more stylish to boot!). The DUNGBEETLE makes clean-up duty quick and easy – it’s a pooper-scooping revolution!

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8 Awesome Colours.  Bored of staring down at ’50 shades of brown’ during poo duty? The DUNGBEETLE brings a splash of colour to clean-up time.  Our 8 funky colour options let you play matchy matchy with your tack.  Be the envy of the fashion conscious equine set!  DUNGBEETLE’s bright hues also help you spot it where you last left it.

The LONG-HANDLED DUNGBEETLE model with sweep, is at home in the paddock and stable, and makes short work of routine clean up duties.

Compact, short-handled DUNGBEETLE scoop and sweeper,  is ideal for travel – it’s easy to store in your float or chuck in the boot of your car.  

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Dimensions 36 x 44 x 69 cm

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