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Supported by many years of international experience in the equine world, Tristan Tucker now launched TRT Tools. Here, the powerful tools that have been used in the TRT Method are available for sale in this web shop. Now that you have arrived at TRT Tools, you can be sure you know you're onto a good thing! If you know TRT, you will have heard it before... ‘This is the Sh*t!’

"Tools to Empower"

"Tools to Empower"

TRT Tools is the home of Tristan Tucker’s tools of trade. It is through the development of Tristan’s own TRT Method that these very specific and necessary collection of tools, for the art of working with horses is created. Tristan has an eye for quality and does not except anything less than the best, He lives very much by the Quote “Do it right the first time or not at all mate!” And this Quality is definitely a stamp reflected in all the TRT Products. The TRT Halter for example is Hand made with a very specific rope, developed and tested by Tristan over many years, for the purpose of durability, performance and overall comfort for the horse.

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The products offered on TRT Tools have been used and approved by Tristan and many others as top shelf gear!

Tools that are unique in purpose and functionality, marked with the TRT quality stamp.

Tristan works side by side with some of the best makers of quality equestrian materials and products world wide.

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